Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Nirmal Ujjwal's vision is serving to the undeserved and creating value at the bottom of the pyramid.

Pramod Manmode, the prominent figure of Maharashtra has taken several initiative steps to create the “Nirmal Ujjal Credit Co-Operative Society”. Being one of the renowned personalities in Maharashtra’s finance sector, Mr. Manmode has really worked actively to do help the poor farmers in the best possible ways. Since inception, his organization has taken up structured steps in order to ensure benefits the entire society. His main aim was to offer the under developed citizens and poor people with a proper and balanced financial assistance. In fact the organization’s functionality circles around their main objective to serve the undeserved and thereby create a proper value addition right at the bed of the pyramid.

This kind of noble attempts literally helped the Nirmal Ujjwal Society to scale the borders of the Indian state of Maharasthra and make an important existence in Madhya Pradesh. This famous credit lending organization with 1,200 employees, 21 branches, 27,000 share holder members and almost more than 10 crores capital shares has really a distinctive niche in the market for them. Not only this, their transparent and effective work procedures have been furthermore approached with A-Grade audit documentation. The society has also been categorized as the top 10 lending institution amongst 28,000 other such organizations.

This Co-operative society strives hard to make an affirmative and unbeaten effort in expanding their financial help to every single poor and undeserved people. Land owners are also equally included in the list. As Nirmal Ujjwal has a very basic sanctioning practice unlike the other private and nationalized financial institutions, the land owners and poor farmers find it easier to understand their financial demands. In fact, they have made a praiseworthy attempt in letting all the undeserved to create value at the foundation of the pyramid. This has made simpler for the people to approach the Nirmal Ujjwal Credit Society. Nowadays, when there is an urgent necessity of financial help with animal husbandry mortgage, you will find people reaching this organization without any second thought.

No matter what, this “Nirmal Ujjal Credit Co-Operative Society” will always be there by the undeserved side and provide them with the right value.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Nirmal Ujjwal Credit Co-operative Society also undertakes various social obligations such as providing three wheeler cycles to handicapped

The Indian credit co-operative movement owes much of its prominence to the glorious march of Nirmal Ujjwal Credit Co-operative Society. Since its inception in way back 1990, this credit lending institution has gradually made its place in strengthening the then sagging environment of co-operative movement. It made a well structured foray into the credit lending business in the Indian state of Maharashtra, and after scripting enough success therein, they moved on to the neighboring Madhya Pradesh. Today they have a total of 21 branches throughout these two Indian states, and a human capital of 1,200 employees. And all the credibility behind its growth is greatly attributed to its chairman, Mr Pramod Manmode. There is no doubt that it is for his managerial prowess that the organization has come so far today.

Nirmal Ujjwal has also made successful forays into various other spheres of life to ensure the nation as a whole with a better and brighter tomorrow. And it is due to their core vision to extend help and financial assistance to those who falls under the bottom of the pyramid that Mr Manmode led credit co-operative organization has become a notable entity. Apart from sufficing the monetary requirements of the society, this organization is also committed to undertake various other social obligations. One such a recent activity of them has been distributing three wheeler cycles among the physically challenged individuals. Their chairman Pramod Manmode has always made it sure that his organization always offer help to those who need it badly. Donating tricycles is the result of such a motto as laid before by their chairman. So, it is pretty common to find the organization often involving itself in some noble social activities.

Under Mr Manmode, the organization therefore not only strives to move forward, but also extends a helping hand to those who are lagging behind.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Nirmal Ujjwal Credit Co-Operative Second Largest Credit Co-Operative Society (Sahakari Patasanstha) in Maharashtra

Since 1990, the Nirmal Ujjwal Credit Co-operative society has been rated as one of the most prestigious credit societies in the Nagpur region. The sole person taking the initiative to build prospective careers of young Indians is none other than the Mr. Pramod Manmode. It is very essential to have visionary leaders like him in the society who can make common citizen’s life better. He is believed to be one such versatile personality who has always cared about the well being of the common people. He is likeable and a benevolent and philanthropist person who has outclassed into multi dimensional fields through his enigmatic leadership. His diverse interests and experiences in several fields have made him popular in Maharashtra and other parts of the country as well.
Chairman Pramod Manmode has an immense contribution towards the Indian economic and social development. When there was a much needed momentum, Manmode created the Nirmal Ujjwal Cooperative Society. Till date, it is the most flourishing credit societies in India that has a market capital of around 10 Crores. The mastermind behind this successful society with his dynamic leadership skills made Nirmal Ujjwal reach the pinnacle of success. Each step that he took for the well-being of the society has always been appreciated by people from all across the country.
Forming a Credit Co-Operative Society and making it popular is not at all an easy task. However, Mr. Manmode did achieve it with his leadership traits, business acumen and astute ideas. His main intention of forming the society was to welfare the lives of the farmers, poor people and other common citizens. With his strategic planning, he made Nirmal Ujjwal Credit Co-Operative the second largest credit co-operative society (Sahakari Patasanstha) in Maharashtra.
The society takes pride in having a wide spread presence all across Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. In total there are almost 21 branches with almost 27,000 share holders. Mr. Manmode’s determination and sheer hard work has made such things possible. His dedication and immaculate vision to give birth to a brighter future has made Nirmal Ujjwal popular amongst the citizens. As he treats this society to be his dream project, through this he has also made his other dreams turn to reality.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Nirmal Ujjwal- One of The Best Credit Society To Fulfill Dreams Of Common Man.

If you are on the lookout for reputed credit societies in India which promises you a secure investment, the name of Nirmal Ujjwal credit society should figure in your list. The society has its origin in the city of Nagpur and enjoys the status of second ranking in the state of Maharashtra. For a society which opened its operation in the year 2005, this is quite commendable. The society has come a long way since its humble beginning and established itself as one of the reputed financial institutions from Maharashtra.

According to a survey which was conducted in the year 2005 in the state of Maharashtra, the society enjoyed a rank within the tenth mark. Currently, the capital share of the society stands above than 10 crores. The society has more than 1,200 employees working under it which speaks volumes about the current success which it enjoys. If you take a close look at the average salaries which the employees of the organization draw, the figures are quite impressive. The society follows a very professional approach to its work functions and arranges loan schemes for the different segments of the society. The main objective of the society revolves around serving the interests of the common citizens. The various needs of the common citizens are taken into consideration and commendable solutions are provided. 

The farming or the agricultural segment is one of the active targets of the society. Every year, a huge number of loan schemes are worked out for the farmers. It is often witnessed that the various farmers of Maharashtra needs money for the implementation of different schemes. But they often lack funds and faces different kinds of problems in this regard. The society has been taking care of this issue since 2005. Although the society raises money for the general public, it also provides housing loan schemes to daily coordinators, members, its own employees and thousands of clients. The Nirmal Nagari development project is one of the best housing programs launched by the company till date.

The society has also come forward with hospitalization schemes targeted at the impoverished sector.  It has also provided three wheelers to handicapped kids which is certainly a benevolent step to take.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Nirmal Ujjwal the Most Prestigious Credit Society in Nagpur Region

Credit societies in India are not that hard to find. No matter on which corner of this country you are in, you could easily get hold of any institution or other that facilitates in credit lending opportunities to the general public. One such a well known credit lending institution in the western India, to be more specific in Nagpur, is Nirmal Ujjwal Credit Co-operative Society. This society has a prominent presence in the financial field since the day it was incepted way back in the year of 1990. Today, they boast to have some 21 branches scattered well throughout the Indian states of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

Banking on the support of a whooping number of 27,000 members (or share holders) and being audited with an A grade certificate, Nirmal Ujjwal Credit Co-operative Society has been witnessed to grow with every passing day. With more than 140 Crores of deposits, 10 Crores and more of protected and other securities, more than 33 Crores of self investments, 43 Crores and more of fixed and current assets, and a whooping amount of 61 Crores of secured loans, the Nirmal Ujjwal Credit Co-operative Society has been accelerated as a name synonymous to trust and reliability.

Their towering reputation eventually inspired their overall performance, and thereby helped the Society to earn a profit of 1.14 Crores during the last financial year of 2009-10. As per a survey of the asset status, as organised by the Maharashtra State Federation of Co-operative Society in the year of 2005, Nirmal Ujjwal Credit Co-operative Society is found to be ranked within the first 10 among a humongous number of 28,000 credit societies that are operating within the state of Maharashtra. It is also placed in a prestigious position of 2nd when the competition becomes narrower and concentrated only the regions of Nagpur. A similar result has come out that take into consideration only the region of Vidarbha.

All these efforts and rankings have helped Nirmal Ujjwal Credit Co-operative Society to achieve the status of what it is today and have bracketed it among the few prestigious credit societies operating in Nagpur. 

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Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Achievement of Nirmal Ujjwal Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. Nagpur

If you explore the credentials of the various credit co-operative societies in India, the achievements of Nirmal Ujjwal Credit Co-operative Society India should rank among the highest. Currently, it is one of the pioneer credit co-operative societies running its operations in India and there are a number of achievements to its credit. All the credit societies in India are provided with appropriate rankings and the same applies to Nirmal Ujjwal Credit Cooperative Society also. It certainly features in the top ten brackets among the various credits cooperative societies operational in the state of Maharashtra.

A capital share which goes up to around 10 crores certainly makes it one of the leading co-operative societies in India. The total employee strength of the company reaches the 1200 mark which proves its strong market credential as an organization. Over the years, it has arranged loans for small farmers and landowners. A variety of animal husbandry projects have also been funded by the organization with the assistance of which a number of animals have been purchased. The society provides a number of benefits to its members, employees, daily coordinators. Generally housing loan is provided to the individuals who are associated with the society in some way or the other. If you are looking for hospitalization benefits in the state of Maharashtra and the other parts of India, the society certainly provides this service. There are a variety of hospital networks which comes under the purview of this society and the patients can receive treatment from there. The hospitalization service provided to the patients is quite reasonable and a considerable amount of funds can be saved by them. Apart from these, there are a variety of other achievements which the organization has to its credit.

The handicapped citizens are provided with three wheeler cycles by the initiative of the society. Tree plantation programs where the environment benefits considerably are also organized from time to time. A variety of sponsorship programs to capable and talented sportspersons are also awarded by the society. The various customers, management, employees and the supporters of the organization share a very good mutual understanding which has resulted in so many achievements over the years.